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Millie Marotta’s Curious Creatures Review

This is one of the colouring books I picked up from aldi for £2.99 (see the blog with other hobby bargains HERE) (and for anyone in the area the metro centre Aldi still has copies available). Or it’s available here on amazon.

This book fills the same formula of the other Millie Marotta colouring books, with animals mostly central to the page (though some are in scenes). The outline of the creatures is realistic but mostly they are filled with geometric patterns. This is interesting because you can choose to colour the geometric shapes individually or colour over them to add texture.

As with all the Millie Marotta books, this is a standard size for the premium colouring books at about 25x25cm. The front cover is very attractive, with shiny gold detailing on the animals on the front. The paper is excellent quality and pens and pencils dont shadow through and the backgrounds are white. The images are double sided and are not perforated so they’d be difficult to pull out and display. There’s a few double page images but most are seperate pages. The double page spreads do tend to go into the crease and when that happens it’s really hard to finish the image as the book is too thick to lie flat

In Curious Creatures Millie Marotta has picked creatures that are unique or strange in some way. She includes a list of the creatures in the images at the back so you can learn about them/choose to colour them realistic colours if you want (I don’t). There are a mix of great creatures that you can’t help but look up once you’ve seen them, like the Axolotl (which looks like an odd little pokemon).

The picture below is of Plumed Basilisk Lizards. It was coloured using Derwent Coloursoft Colouring Pencils

3 thoughts on “Millie Marotta’s Curious Creatures Review”

  1. Ash, I wonder if you’d like to try out a do-it-yourself colouring book? I would love to hear what you think of it, especially being new to hobbies in general, and venturing into colouring and drawing. The book is intended to bridge the gap between a regular colouring book and drawing on a blank page…… Only if it appeals to you! 🙂 It’s at Amazon, called the DIY – Wildersoul Colouring Book II: Art Therapy Self Help Education Resource. Although…. perhaps you are too busy with your newest hobbies already! 😀
    Happy Colouring and Drawing!

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