Adult Colouring

In The Lines – Harmony for Adults Colouring Book Review

A relative gave me a copy of this book and I am not sure where it came from. A copy of it is available from amazon here 22 Piece Quality Adult Colouring Book Set Premium Pencils In The Lines Therapy Free UK Delivery but I did not get the pencils so have no idea of their quality.

This colouring book is a set of patterns rather than a collection of similar images. Most of the time I don’t find this type of colouring book to be very good but I really like this one. Some of the patterns are very intricate but many of them have large spaces so are suitable for everyone. The paper quality is very thick and doesn’t give any shadowing or bleeding and the patterns are varied, which I like.

The cover is a thin cardboard cover and the size is the same as other standard colouring books (Johanna Basford, Kerby Rosanes etc) though the book itself is thinner at only 40 double-sided pages. The paper quality is very thick but it’s also very smooth with no biteĀ making pens more likely to smudge.

The patterns do go into the crease but as the book is so thin you can almost lie it flat so it’s not that much of a problem. The images are almost all single spreads with just a few double spreads. The pages are not perforated and are double sided so could not be easily torn out to display.

The book can’t rival the more premium colouring books, but it’s one of the best pattern books I’ve seen. I wouldn’t pay more than a couple of pounds for it due to the thinness of the book but I still really like the book and would recommend it.

Some pictures from the book are below.


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