The Gym – My Essentials So Far

I am loving going to the gym so far. I went this morning and although my muscles felt like they were going to jump out of my body and desert me at the end of the workout, I feel great. I’ve lost 2kg (though I definitely can’t see it yet!) and my stamina is already beginning to improve. I was also able to add a further 10kg to my squats today and that felt like a real achievement.

I have a few essentials already for the gym. I’d love to hear your essentials too as I am definitely a novice!


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Couch to 5K App – This is a great app. I’ve used other couch to 5k apps in the past but this one is the best I’ve used and it’s free! The instructions are unobtrusive to the workout and I love that I can play the music in the background through the app.

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Myfitnesspal- Essential for logging my calories! I try and stick to 1200 + whatever  exercise I do during the day. I also find it makes me shy away from sugar for the shame of actually having the log it!

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JEFIT -This is a great app where you can make fitness routines. You can check for exercises to work out particular muscle groups and you can generate whole routines, though there are routines that you can choose from already programmed into it. You can then ‘Start’ the routines when you’re in the gym and log how long they take you, which, alongside being able to add progress pictures, is great to measure how you’re doing!


Armband – I bought an armband phone-holder on amazon to fit my phone but I’m so-so about recommending it. I think the principle is fantastic and I definitely needed something to hold my phone so I didn’t have to hold it myself, but the Velcro comes away from the armband really easily and makes it less useful. This Phone Armbandwas the only one I could find for my phone, but other people have better options.

A VERY large water bottle! – I need to drink a lot whilst doing cardio. I got a Bobble 1 Litre Water Bottle and it does the trick. It filters the water for you, but to be honest I feel it’s not that different to unfiltered water. it is one of the better designs for a bottle that size though, so I’m happy with it.

A great gym playlist! – My phone ran out of battery one day and I really struggled to exercise. I find having a song with a really good build helps a lot. I don’t really listen to dance music normally but find it’s the best for the gym and really gets me in the mood!

Travel-Sized Toiletries – I used to get Lookfantastic boxes, which were great boxes of luxury beauty products and I love having the excuse to use them by taking them to the gym! I hate having to mess around with huge bottles of shampoo and body wash whilst trying to make my way to the shower without dropping my towel (I tend to buy the most economical sizes!)

If you have any recommendations for any other extras I need I’d love to hear them!

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