Adult Colouring

Imagimorphia posters, first thoughts.

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had Imagimorphia: 20 Posters to Colour
on pre-order for quite some time. It arrived today and these are my first thoughts. As it stands I’ve not coloured any of the images and I’ll update when I have.

1st of all, the selection of images is good. I often complain that artist editions choose an odd set of images but I can see the merit of these images. There are a few I would have included that haven’t been and a few I wouldn’t but I can’t have everything I want. The images included are: (these descriptions wont make much sense if you dont have the imagimorphia colouring book but if you do you should be able to find them)

Castles with dragons

Mechanical butterfly

Gorilla with city





Hot air balloons


Bird with butterflies

Hares and toadstools


Leopard or cheetah


Camel with city on its back

Cuty in mountains




Onto paper quality, it’s not the best. It’s nowhere near the quality of the Johanna Basford artist edition colouring books, for example. It doesn’t really have any texture and pens do shadow to the other side. It’s stark white rather than off-white too. However, the pages are single sided so the shadowing doesn’t matter too much (though I’d put a page behind each image if using untested media to make sure it doesn’t spoil the image behind)

The pages are perforated and, as said, single sided, so are perfect for displaying. That said, each image has a border around it which I find offputting. If you like to colour in your backgrounds you need to contend with a black line border around the image.

Imagimorphia is my very favourite colouring book. I will love colouring these images and love having the option to take them out and display them (and I love there’s no crease for the images to get lost in). Each image is about A3 and the scaling hasnt affected the quality of the images at all (the one below is just my shoddy camera). However, I do think rhe paper quality could have been better and the black borders somewhat detract if you wanted to colour in backgrounds (example below)

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