Exercise as a hobby – can it be done?

As I occupy my late twenties, its starting to strike me that I’m not as fit as I used to be. Strike that, I was never ‘fit’.-I used to be a size 6 but even then I would be a sweaty mess by the end of a 100 metre run. I blamed my heart problems, I blamed my asthma, and when I had my son I blamed my cesarian. I’m starting to realise I can go on blaming things forever, but only I can improve myself. I walked up Vesuvius 5 years ago on my honeymoon at the old age of 22, a couple of pensioners passed me with aplomb. Now I’ve crept into the overweight category in bmi (5 foot 6 and 70.9 kg – the .9-feels important) and I’ve realised it’s time to do something about it.

So, I’m going to start upping my activity. That’s something I wish would convert into a hobby I love but I somehow doubt it. I am really going to try though, because getting out of breath chasing my son is really not how I want to be.

I’ve joined a gym near my uni. I’m really nervous as I’ve not been to the gym in years and don’t think I’ve ever been on my own. With it being close to the uni I’m imagining it being full of sculpted eighteen year old athletes pounding away effortlessly whilst I struggle to do my couch to 5k. But everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I really want to start swimming lessons too but can’t afford it right now. I never learned how to swim and can only just keep myself above water when I try but I think it’s a really important thing to know how to do so I’m going to start saving.

I’ve started working on my gym playlist, in my car I have primarily folk music like Of Monsters and Men or Emmy The Great, or light alternative like Anberlin or Vampire Weekend but (with a couple of exceptions) that’s not going to cut it, so my husband and I have been going through every pump-up song we can remember, the results are somewhat eclectic.

I have to pay upfront for the year to get student membership so I really definitely need to make this work as we can’t afford to throw the money away and for me to not go (as I’m guilty of in the past) somehow being able to say, ‘i have a gym membership’ has in the past had me believing I’d get fitter by association.

So I’m going to post weekly or fortnightly updates here (depending on how boring they are) to keep me motivated and if anyone has any tips I would very much like to hear them!

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