Adult Colouring

Imagimorphia Review, my favourite colouring book.

This is my favourite adult colouring book. It’s taken a long time to review as I like to have finished pictures to add to the blog and I struggle to finish them because I want to take the time and do them well, they’re so beautiful.

Imagimorphia is an excellent book filled with imaginative illustrations to colour in. When you look at the pictures you can’t help but imagine the fantastical worlds that they would occupy. From animals made of cogs, horse-drawn carriages travelling on air or towns built on camel’s backs, each picture conjures up a story.

The size of the book is the same as the standard size as most adult colouring books, (25cm x 25cm) and the paper is good quality so most colouring media can be used on it without shadowing or bleeding, however I found one of my sets of pens do shadow so I suggest checking on the back few pages to make sure your pens don’t. The pictures are often double-pages and getting into the crease with colouring pencils/pens can be a bit difficult and the images are also double sided so it is difficult to display them. I have pre-ordered Imagimorphia: 20 Posters to Colour (Colouring Books) and I hope that the twenty pictures included will be some of my favourites. I will review it once I receive it.

There is also a search challenge where you try and find items scattered throughout the colouring book, which is a nice addition to the colouring book but isn’t something I’ve used.


(The butterfly was coloured with Derwent Inktense Watercolour Pencils) when using these pencils there was no curling on the pages.

(The deer was coloured with Derwent Coloursoft Colouring Pencils )

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