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Animorphia Notebook Review

In my previous blog I mentioned picking up an Animorphia notebook for £2 from the works (a bargain I’m still elated about). I absolutely adore Kerby Rosanes work and knew that I would love this notebook.

It didn’t disappoint. I love everything about’s an A5 notebook so fits easily in a handbag and succeeds as both a notebook and a colouring book.

The pictures are the same as the animorphia colouring book and differ between being double spreads, single page images or doodles in the columns/page. The book is as quirky as the illustrations inside, with some pages black, some white, some lined and some blank, so when you flick through it looks eclectic.

I’m a paper snob for notebooks and colouring books alike but this satisfies both. I use black gel-type pens to write with and they don’t shadow or bleed. When an image slides into the crease it’s relatively easy to follow it and the spine seems strong.

Accents of the images are precoloured black and orange and this is good as it gives a lovely consistency throughout the book.

I am, perhaps shamefully, definitely going to pick up another one or two for the future whilst it’s this price. I’d have definitely spent more! I just wish there was one for Imagimorphia!

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