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5D diamond painting review

I commented in a past blog that I was going to give 5D painting a go. You can find 5D painting sets here 5d painting I bought one as a stocking filler for my mum and it looked relaxing so decided to give it a try, my review is below.

What is it?

5D diamond painting is basically paint by numbers, but instead of paint you use little beads that you stick in place. You can buy them on amazon for a couple of quid so long as you don’t mind waiting a while as they ship from china.

 What do you get in the pack?

You get the template image, a tray for containing the beads (many more than you need), a bead pen (no idea what the technical name is), the beads and a sticky pad (again, no idea what the technical name is). The image is covered in a sticky substance with a plastic cover to keep it sticky and letters printed on it to show you where to stick the gems (see below). There is a key printed on the side of the image canvas. The one thing that doesn’t come in the pack? Instructions.

What else do I need to get started?

You dont need anything but I’d suggest using a pair of tweezers instead of the pen and individual resealable bags/tupperware to put the beads in as they are in non resealable packs and there’s a lot of colours.

How to get started?

Peeling back the cover one bit at a time, locate the beads that correspond to the marking in the picture. Tip some into the green tray and give it a shake. By some feat of what I imagine to be physics but could instead be magic, most of the beads will land the right way up. If using tweezers simply pick one up and place it on the picture until you’re happy with its location, then pat it down. With the bead pen put the nib into the sticky pad then do the same (you’ll likely only need to stick it in the pad once per colour or less as it keeps its stickiness quite well)

When you’re done you’ll end up with something that looks like this. It looks better from far away. The beads stick very well so I imagine it could easily be framed and used as artwork if you had one you really loved. You can get them in multiple sizes and different levels of difficulty (some you do the entire canvas including background). The reference key is printed on the canvas which would be annoying for display purposes as you’d have to cut that piece first.

My hands shake like crazy but this was quite easy to do and quite relaxing. I prefer colouring so I probably won’t do one of these again of my own accord but if someone got me one I’d happily do it again. It was a relaxing way to spend an afternoon with the tv on in the background.

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