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Stabilo .68 Pens 10 Pack Review

So, because I didn’t cancel my Hachette Partworks subscription in time (Review Here) I received this month’s delivery, and this is the time you get a 10-pack of stabil0 .68 pens with it.

I already own the Stabilo .88 pack of 30 (available here on amazon) but never bought the .68s as I found I had a preference for the Staedtler pens.

This is what the Stabilo website has to say about these pens.

The premium fibre-tip pen for school children and students as well as office professionals and ambitious amateur artists.

Colour-intensive premium fibre-tip pen for strong lines and large areas.

High brilliance and luminosity.

Robust M-tip (line width approx. 1 mm) for even ink application.

Odourless, water-based ink.

Ventilated cap.

Cap-off time of up to 24 hours.

Available in 40 colours, 6 fluorescent colours and various ranges.

So I took a picture to check out the intensity of the colours. They seem very intense to me, very bold which I absolutely love.




I coloured a picture (from Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom – Review here) using only the stabilo .68 pens. They’re fine enough that you can do an entire picture in them with only some going over the lines but thick enough that they allow a really good coverage, which is something that is problematic with using .88’s alone as you can definitely see the scratchy lines and white space if you try to colour in with .88’s alone. I would preferably use a combination of .88’s and .68’s in order to avoid going over the line in intricate details but if you could only afford one set of pens or wanted to try them out first I’d definitely go for the .68’s.

Whilst I think they picked very good colours for the ten pack of pens, and I like that they included two shades of each of the main colours rather than trying to squeeze more colours in there, it’s very difficult to keep to a palette with only ten pens and the lack of purple/pink/numerous brows is very noticeable. I would definitely stretch to a larger pack size if possible.

Overall? I wish I’d tried the .68s before the .88s as the vibrancy of colour is amazing and added to the .88’s they would make a very effective set. I will definitely be buying a larger pack in future, though it is not top of my colouring priority list.

The pack I used can be found here STABILO Pen 68 Neon and point 88 Neon mixed Wallet of 10

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