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50 Mindful Patterns 2 – Signs of the Zodiac Review

This is the second book in the 50 Mindful Patterns series, you can see my review of the subscription service as a whole here.

As mentioned in previous reviews, the books are smaller than average size which makes them good handbag books. The paper quality is decent but not great, my pens shadow through but that is not a huge issue because each left hand side is a inspirational ‘quote’ and the right hand page is the actual picture, so you’re only ever obscuring the quote. However, in contrast to the Garden of Eden book (you can find my review here) you can feel the theme starting to slip in Signs of the Zodiac.

The reasons are obvious, with the Garden of Eden they had so many options of birds, flowers, garden ornaments, etc, to choose from, whereas in the Signs of the Zodiac they only really have…the signs of the zodiac. That means there’s a lot of repetition of images you wouldn’t really want to colour in more than once (for example, I counted 10 pictures with the sun as the focal image). They’ve mixed in some of the Chinese zodiac as well, which is fine, but it’s mostly just dragons, they could probably have done with adding a lot more of the zodiac animals to try and save the repetition. I’m year of the horse and couldn’t see any pictures of horses in there, for example.

It’s not a horrible book and there’s definitely fun images to colour in it, but it does feel like they thought of the titles for the books first and worried about sourcing the images for it second (which I’m sure they did, but it shouldn’t feel like that)

The book is still available here to buy though I would think twice before subscribing and look at some reviews for the other books.

Below are some of the images from the Signs of the Zodiac book. They’re not coloured as none of them actively struck me with desire to colour them. That’s said, there’s nothing wrong with most of the images – I’m spoilt for choice but sadly not for time – and if you like them it’s a nice book to own.

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