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Valentines Day Post – A little personalised hearts clay craft.

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone who celebrates it! Whilst I’m happily married, my husband and I don’t do valentines day (or our wedding anniversary, for that matter, or bonfire night, the day we met). In fact, when we were first dating and felt we had to do valentines day we were so rubbish at it, it could well have made an interesting competition. (think scribbled homemade cards on the back of envelopes) So when I say I’m doing a Valentine craft, I secretly mean a craft I was going to do anyway but am now going to claim was for valentines day.

Ever since I reviewed Make It With Air Dry Clay, I’ve been really enjoying messing around with air dry clay. I was going through my baking supplies the other day and I found these cookie stamps  my parents bought me a couple of Christmases ago. Now admittedly I’ve never used them on cookies, mostly because I’m more of a cake person, but I thought they’d make lovely clay hearts.

The stamps I’ve linked to are really good, you add the letters into the stamp as they’re little tiles that fit easily into the cookie cutter. There’s prearranged sentences but more than enough of each letter to make sure you can spell any word (probably several times). However, I know you can get similar stamps/cutters for cookies in different shapes and sizes.
I made a heart that says “I love you” then a heart each with mine, my husband and my son’s name on. I think they’ve turned out really well. I plan to paint them white, hang them on a vertical ribbon and use as a wall decoration I can point at whenever I’m accused of being rubbish on valentines day.

I smoothed out the edges with a damp sponge since that picture was taken and they look pretty good now they’re dry. I’ll upload pictures once they’re fully done and painted.

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