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Bargain at The Works – Kerby Rosanes Animorphia notebook £2

I went into town today, which was perhaps a mistake. I’ve never seen so many people (mostly men) panic buying in one place before. I actually only wanted some thick ribbon but couldn’t find it anywhere but Clintons. I saw the queue and decided I didn’t want it that much.

The Works was relatively quiet, which shocked me because nothing says ‘love’ to me like books and craft supplies. However, I’m glad I did go as I found this notebook for £2. I’ll review that separately when I have more time but initial thoughts are very favourable. I absolutely adore Kerby Rosanes work, Imagimorphia is my very favourite colouring book and I simply cannot wait for mythomorphia. I pre-ordered it the second I found out about it. I already own animorphia but this is a smaller, more handbag friendly version I can write my random thoughts in, and maybe even brave public colouring.

(If you’re wondering what we did for valentines day, my husband bought me a can of white spray paint and some glue and I bought him dried mango, then we settled down our son to bed and did coursework on the sofa. romance isn’t dead after all)

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