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Human Body Colouring Book Review

This is a colouring book that I believe was made especially for The Works. (as I haven’t found it anywhere else). It has over 200 scientifically correct images of the human body (see the pictures below for the contents list) and is very thorough and informative. It is, as it says, an excellent study guide. I am in my first year of a biosciences degree and I would say that is the level it is aimed at, so whilst people may enjoy colouring the images in for a biology A-Level, I think it would be a bit unnecessary to study from (I’m making this decision judging by A-level textbooks, I have never actually done an A-level in Biology as I’m a mature student, but more on that later)

The paper quality is very good and the binding seems very good as well. It’s such a thick book it’s hard to lie it flat but the binding doesn’t seem to give way under the pressure. The paper quality is good enough that there is no bleed through or shadowing with pens (a definite plus when the images are double sided!)

The images are incredibly dry if you’re not a biology student (and, admittedly, also if you are!) but you definitely get a feel for what you’re colouring in whilst you’re doing it which makes it ideal for remembering images for exams.

As you can see from the images below, you get a labelled and coloured ‘template’ to copy from in your own colouring and labelling (which is infuriating when I cant find the right shade of red in my otherwise extensive pencil collection!). The descriptions of each part of the body are very basic, and this is a bit at odds with the subject matter. I’m not sure who the book is trying to aim itself to, as the simple descriptions are not university level but the amount of detail in the drawing and labelling seems to be – I cant imagine many people colour these images for fun (or maybe they do, who am I to judge?!)

The book is currently out of stock at The Works here but it’s well worth checking your local store if you’re into anatomy as it is a wonderful study aid.

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