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Garden of Eden Hachette Partworks 1 Book Review

This is my favourite of the Hachette partworks 50 mindful patterns and is a lovely book. You can find my overview of the series here.

The Garden of Eden colouring book is, in my opinion, the best of the 50 Mindful Patterns books and includes pictures of birds, flowers, gardens and random patterns. Each page consists of an inspirational quote on the left and a picture on the right. The book is smaller than standard colouring books (pictured below with a Millie Marotta book for comparison.) This makes it a decent size for a handbag, which I like.


As per my other review, the paper quality is adequate, there is shadowing if you use pens but as every alternate page is a quote it’s not quite so much of an issue. They’re all single page images so it’s not too hard to get into the creases, but the pages are not perforated for display purposes.

Some of the images are very intricate and some are a lot simpler, allowing for both a casual colour or a more concentrated effort.

I’ve not coloured many of these images as, although I do like the colouring book, I normally have stacks of colouring books on the go and many images I prefer to colour in. I could see this being an ideal book for someone who travels by public transport or stops off for breaks when out and about due to the small size. Some pictures I haven’t coloured but like a lot are below.

This book is still available from Hachette Partworks directly here but I would read reviews of the whole series, such as mine linked above or others via search engines before you subscribe!

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