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Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom Colouring Book Review

This book Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom – A Colouring Book Adventure was on my book shelf for months before I did anything with it. Looking back now, that boggles my mind. It’s a wonderful book filled with lots of different animals to colour and is now a very welcome addition to my collection.

There are the ‘typical’ animals you see in colouring books like rabbits, deer and birds but also a welcome change of pace with animals like rhinos, lobsters and giraffes too. There are scenes in some of the pictures but most of them are of a central animal. This makes them ideal for colouring when you have a spare few minutes without feeling like you’re barely scratching the surface. It would also be nice for adding your own scenes if you’re a more creative person than I!

The book is a good size, 25x25cm, and is gorgeous to look at with gold detailing. The paper quality is great and I get no shadowing using fineliners. The pages are not perforated and have images on rhe reverse too which is a shame for display purposes. However, there are more single page images than double and this is nice for both a quick colour and for not struggling to get into the crease.

My only real complain about this book is that some of the images have words printed on the page (see above the seal example) and if you wanted to cut out and display your work (sacrificing the reverse page) this would look obtrusive.

Overall a welcome addition to my collection and I will certainly be checking out her other books. (Update: Thanks to Aldi now I’ve bought all the Millie Marotta colouring books and will be reviewing them in due course)

The seal and the parrot were coloured with Marco raffine pencils  Marco Raffine 72 Art Coloured Pencils for Adult Coloring Books Drawing Writing Sketching Doodling

The bird was coloured using office matters pencils.

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