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50 Mindful Patterns – A Colouring Subscription Review

50 Mindful Patterns is a Hachette Partworks series for colouring in. Hachette Partworks are the company behind many of the subscription magazines you might see in TV adverts where you collect one part per each magazine until you have the full collection. I usually steer clear of them because I cant guarantee I’d have the money to see them through to the end (and, frankly, the costs never seemed to add up right.) But my mum bought me the first one of these and as it’s just a colouring book subscription service I flicked through the first book, liked quite a lot of the designs, and thought I may as well subscribe to quiet the little voice inside of me who loves getting surprises in the post. I checked the cancellation policy first and you can cancel whenever you like with 28 days notice. I swore the first time I got a duff book I`d unsubscribe. (Spoiler: I didn’t)

The books are small, so can fit easily into a handbag. The patterns are themed to that books theme and this is one of the ways the books fall down. There just aren’t enough original images to fill each theme. Images are either repetitive or grossly off-theme. I dont expect to like every image in any colouring book but many of them are odd.

You get books where the pictures are wonderful and varied. They might not all tick every box but there is enough there to think it’s a worthwhile purchase, but you also get some where I personally struggled to find even one picture to colour in.

The books are all very attractive on the outside and when put together on a bookshelf look great. The paper quality is fine, good enough that you don’t worry about colouring in with pencil but thin enough that using fineliners causes shadowing. However, each left page is a mindfulness quote and every right page is a picture, so even if there is shadowing it is only to the page with the quote on (see picture below where the circle is shadowing through)

One of the big problems with subscribing is they send you two books at a time, so you might get two duff ones at the same time and have to wait another 28 days to cancel.

The subscription rewards aren’t really worth it either in my opinion, with the exception of the free book and potentially the stabilo pens. The other free gifts (mug, pencil case, pencil tub and pencils) are cheaply made and are just ultimately unneeded clutter.

Some of the books themselves are worth it, especially the first in the series, the garden of eden. But I would suggest taking it on a case by case basis on which ones to buy without subscribing if your local supermarket carries the series.

Below is an image from the garden of eden which is still available on the Hachette Partworks site. I will be doing a review of this book separately within the next few days. It was coloured with Marco Raffine pencils.


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