Adult Colouring

Adult Colouring, Great for leisure and mental health

The first hobby I am going to write about is adult colouring in. I actually discovered this in mid-2016 when I saw a beautiful colouring book that, for the first time ever, made me want to colour something in. As a child I’d never been very interested in colouring or anything of that ilk so this impulse grabbed me by surprise. That colouring book was Johanna Basford’s The Enchanted Forest which you can find below.

Link to Johanna’s website

Link to book on amazon

I will be reviewing the Enchanted Forest colouring book tomorrow. Since, I have found colouring books I like just as much and even more, but it’s still one of my favourites.

Although it was the beautiful artwork that drew me in, the reason I was in that section of the bookshop in the first place was I had read that colouring in was good for mental health. As a sufferer of debilitating OCD Link to OCD ACTION, I was willing to try anything to help get it under control, but the fact that colouring in conjured up the kind of colouring books I’d had as a child, with almost transparent paper and no detail, made me feel it was something I wasn’t going to enjoy.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Lately, the adult colouring book market has exploded and there are many beautiful books for adults to colour in. Some of which I’ll be reviewing here.

Has colouring helped my mental health? Definitely. Whilst my mind is on colouring, it doesn’t seem to stray into the unwanted and intrusive thoughts that OCD throws my way. There have been a lot of things that have helped my OCD, and colouring is just one small facet of that, but on days when I’m really struggling to get through the day, picking up my pencils and colouring in (whether I want to or not) helps me get through all but the worst of the days.

That said, I think colouring in can be a great hobby for many people. It relaxes you, and mental health problems or not, most of us could do with a bit more relaxation in our life. It’s relatively inexpensive, compared to many other hobbies, and skill levels can range from just staying within the lines to trying out new techniques. Colouring in, for me, has fuelled a desire to learn to draw so I can make pictures even more realistic or detailed and hopefully one day draw my own scenes to colour in.

There are costs involved in adult colouring in, but they’re relatively inexpensive. Detailed colouring books can be picked up for between £5-10 and pencils can range massively in price from just a couple of pounds to hundreds. I’ll be reviewing the cheaper and more expensive colouring tools I’ve purchased in upcoming blogs. For now, have a look at my page on Making extra money to fund hobbies for some ideas on how to free up extra cash.

The colouring books I have reviewed so far are below

Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom Colouring Book Review

50 Mindful Patterns – A Colouring Subscription Review

Pokemon Official Creative Colouring Book Review

Enchanted Forest Colouring Book – A Review



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