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Making extra money to fund hobbies – Prolific Academic

My first real blog post isn’t about hobbies at all but about funding them. When I first decided I needed to get a hobby, I spent days trawling through Amazon looking at hobby books. Sewing, woodwork, gaming, colouring…so many options. Then I started looking online and tallying up how much these things would cost to even try…and almost decided I didn’t need a hobby that much.

I then decided to try and raise money for hobbies other ways, ebaying old things, entering competitions, doing online surveys, they all carried some degree of success but intermittent or limited by what I had to sell. The only thing that has worked for me long-term is prolific academic.

Prolific Academic is a survey site but the only one I’ve found that pays decent cash per time investment. The surveys are added by academics and carry a good rate of pay with them. I do them on my phone in my lunch break at uni and make between £20 and £60 a month with them every month for little time investment. Academics can only post surveys there if the money adds up to at least £5 per hour and surveys differ in time but tend to take a minute to (the longest I’ve seen) half an hour.

So if you’re looking at ways to fund a hobby, give it a try. It won’t make anyone rich but it definitely can pay for some materials each month.

They don’t email you very often with available surveys so it’s better to keep checking the site yourself, and make sure you fill in the prescreening questions as this is how they decide if you’re eligible for a survey. The good thing about this being you never get screened out like on other survey sites!

The link below is a referral link. I get a 10% bonus if you cash out after signing up using this link without you losing anything. Which will go right back into hobbies for this blog.

Referral link

The link below it is a (normal, not referral) link or you can google prolific academic.

Normal link

I hope this helps someone somewhere do something they’d like to do but just can’t justify the cost of!

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